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November 25th, 2020

8 Benefits of Having a Housekeeper

From time to time, when you are doing the house chores, you will find yourself asking yourself if you should get some extra hands to help you to keep your home clean and tidy. This question will pop up more often if you are a busy person who works full-time and has a fully book agenda from Monday to Sunday, and even more if you have children. Maybe sometimes, you find it difficult to keep up with work, children and home chores. It’s here when a Housekeeper is the perfect person to come into the scenario; he or she will give you the help that you need at home to afford you the extra time to spend with your partner, children, family or friends when you get home.

A Housekeeper will not only help you clean your house, but can also help you to cook for the family, look after your dog or cat while you are out working, do the house shopping when you need it, help you when a plumber or electrician comes to your home to fix a problem and anything related to keeping your home clean & tidy. Here are 8 Benefits of having a housekeeper.

1. Spare time to spend with your partner, children, family or friends

The reason that we have chosen this as spare time with your love ones as the first benefit is that nothing is more important that sharing time with those people who care about you. Many people are seeking every day to have some extra time after work to spend quality time with those ones that are important to them. Instead of spending time doing the laundry and ironing, or the general cleaning that you have been holding back for weeks, having a housekeeper that will do this for you will give you that time to spend with your loved ones.

2. Peaceful atmosphere for everyone at home

After having a problem or bad day, we just want to get home, take a bath and relax for a moment. Finding a house clean, with bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas tidy, smelling good, and all the laundry and ironing done can make a huge difference to our mood. As humans, we will react to the things that are around us and how they smell; for example, colours and shapes can make us happy or sad. Having a Housekeeper will help you to keep a peaceful atmosphere in your home, and we are not only talking about the physical place - this will help you mentally to have less problems about which to worry, like the endless to-do list that we usually have when it comes to house chores.

3. Keeping Your House as New Brand Home

Deciding to hire a Housekeeper will keep your house as new and like the first time that you move into, as they will prevent any future damage that could happen to it, like mould in your bathrooms, spider webs around the rooms. They can also keep your inside plants and outside garden in the best condition, clean walls and carpets, dust surfaces and more. Your personal Housekeeper will keep you informed about any problems in the house, like a leaking roof or light not working, and will do a deep clean every week, preventing any bacteria that could affect your family. Bear in mind that a professional in this area will be looking after your home.

4. Time for ourselves

As much as humans tend to be sociable and look for company, we also need to have some time for ourselves, whether it be playing our favourite sport, reading a book, spending some time on our hobby or simply having a rest while watching TV. Having a housekeeper will allow us to do this, not worrying about doing the cooking for the family, washing the dishes after lunch or dinner, or mopping the floor. This will give you the time that you will need to be able to spend some time with yourself.

5. Mailing and delivery

The world has changed in the last decade in the way that we shop for clothes, food or many other areas. Now, we see ourselves spending some time every day going through online shopping, and buying things with just one click. However, with this comes the uncertainty of when the items will be delivered, sometimes with no specific day or hour. Having a Housekeeper at home who can receive our mail and shopping delivery could help us to save time by not needing to go out to pick up the items, and aggravation of missing the delivery if you aren’t at home. If you hire a part-time housekeeper, you can schedule the delivery for the time when she/he is working at your home.

6. Someone to help with your Plumber, electrician or handyman appointment at home

Any person living in a flat or house will go through the experience where something has broken in the house, like the heating or boiling system, or a window is not closing properly, or you need to change your washing machine for a new one, or you have decided to go through remodelling your kitchen or living room. All these mean that you will have people coming into your home who wouldn’t normally be there, and maybe you’ve never met them before. It’s here when having a Housekeeper comes in handy, because if you have to work and you cannot ask for time off or you have a really important meeting that you cannot move, having someone at home that you trust and knows how you like everything will be more than helpful with this task, saving you time and stress.

7. Pet care for your dog or cat at home

For the majority of people, their pets are part of the family, which will be part of the future plans or any decision. If you are pet lover and have pets at home, plus you work in an office and have a busy agenda, having a housekeeper at home will give you an extra hand to keep you free of the stress of thinking if your dog has been taken out for a walk or if your cat has had food during the day. If you are in the position where you’ve been travelling for some days or weeks, and you cannot take your pet with you, having someone at home that you and your pets know will make everyone free of stress. Having a pet-friendly housekeeper not only will help you to keep your home clean and tidy, but will also help you to keep your pet safe and healthy.

8. Productivity & Organisation

Having a housekeeper who will keep everything in their perfect place will save you time and stress. For example, if you have an important event coming up soon and you need to have certain clothes clean and ironed, talking with your housekeeper a few days before to have this done, will help you to save time when you are getting ready for the event, instead of you having to find a few hours before the event to make sure that the clothes are clean and ironed. As well, if you are someone who works from home, having a place where everything is organised will help you to keep up your work productivity instead of thinking of tidying the place. A tidy and organised home will help you to finish in the time that you were planing any activity, because it will be easy for you to find anything at home, and even easier if someone is helping to keep them in the correct place.

How to find the best housekeeper?

After reading these 8 Benefits of having a Housekeeper, you will probably ask yourself, how can I find the perfect Housekeeper for me or my family

We truly believe that finding a housekeeper is an important decision. It is not just because you will have to invest some money, but because you will open the door of one of your most important places to someone outside of the family. You are not only looking for someone who will come to clean for a few hours a day, you are looking for someone who will become part of your family, someone that you will trust to be at your home and help you with any problem that can come.

You can search for a nanny 1. By yourself, 2. Friend recommendation or 3. through are Agency.

It’s here where Little Ones comes into the scenario to help you; we are a nanny and domestic staff agency with over 15 years of experience. Our specialist consultants will do their best to match the perfect housekeeper for you and your family. They will introduce you to housekeepers that will tick the majority of the requirements and qualifications that you need the person to have.

Call us for a free consultation, without compromise. Our consultant will be more than happy to assist you to find an amazing housekeeper. For more information about our services, please feel free to contact our direct line 0207 183 0309.

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