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Understanding Sleep In Babies & Infants

'Why won't my child sleep?' is one of the most common parenting questions! As a professional, wouldn't it be great if we could answer it and support children and families through difficult sleep issues?

Our UNDERSTANDING SLEEP IN BABIES AND INFANTS course, accredited to a Level 3 & 4, can give you the knowledge to do just that!

Starting with the basics of what sleep is and learning how genetics and the environment help and hinder sleep, will lay down the foundations. We then give you the skills to recognise and help with sleep problems such as night terrors and nightmares, to regressions and changes. As well as gentle and strict sleep training techniques.

Why not book onto a course and help out families with the most common problem that they face today?

To learn more about our Course and to book your place, call us on 0207 112 8057.

Up coming dates:

  • 27th July 2024, ONLINE, £189 for OCN Level 3 and £275 for OCN Level 4 - 9 places remaining
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