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Training for Nannies

Little Ones Bespoke Nanny Courses

Little Ones feels that the key to finding your dream job is the right qualifications. We provide courses designed by Nannies that give you the key skills you need to care for children and babies. It is our aim that these courses reflect the ethos and values of Little Ones. We pride ourselves in recruiting Nannies of the highest possible standards and ensuring that the Nanny, family and children are always safe, cared for and supported. Our Teachers are experienced professionals with years of knowledge. They will ensure that you gain as much as possible from our courses and leave with a better understanding of child and infant care.

Little Ones Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course

Parents require a Paediatric First Aid Qualification. A Little Ones First Aid Certificate provides nannies with knowledge on a variety of subjects, including spotting diseases, CPR Resuscitation and dealing with Burns and Scalds.

We also provide Courses in Spanish once a month. These are ideal for any Spanish speakers who are not confident with their English but are keen to qualify as a First Aider.

“I believe that First Aid is essential in a Nanny’s career. You may be thinking that you will never be in an emergency situation, but would you feel confident to save a child's life in an emergency?”

Adriana Reyes - Little Ones’ First Aid Trainer

Little Ones Maternity Practitioner Course

Our PAICE Course has been designed specifically for Little Ones and reflects what we feel are the ideal attributes of a Maternity Practitioner.

  • Qualify as a Maternity Practitioner in one weekend
  • 4 methods of infant care taught, popular with mothers today
  • Highly practical hands on learning
  • Open College Network (OCN) Level 3 accredited

"Building relationships, guiding parents and complementing their ideas in bringing up their baby is a wonderful experience. I believe that it is fundamental to take with you a range of skills and knowledge that you can pass on to a new mum."

Adeline Tye - Little Ones’ PAICE Trainer

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