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About the Job - What's it like to be a consultant for Little Ones

Little Ones is a premium domestic staff service, specialising in the placement of bilingual and English speaking nannies, nanny housekeepers, housekeepers, au pairs and carers. Our consultant and managerial positions come with a level of responsibility and respect. We are a company who is able to offer extremely competitive salaries in the recruitment industry.

We are proud to be an equal opportunities employer.

As a growing consultancy we are in need of people to fill the following roles. Every employee of Little Ones is given the opportunity to progress their career with promotional opportunities available every successful quarter.

Please contact our Talent Acquisition Manager for more information on how you could join our team.

Recruitment Consultant

Becoming a recruitment consultant is an exciting and far-reaching opportunity. A Little Ones Recruitment Consultant’s role is to identify, select, recruit and ensure compliance is recorded for staff who are suitable for the vacancies with our clients.

As a Recruitment Consultant, your job will include:

  • Sourcing and interviewing candidates in person.
  • Reference vetting
  • CV advice
  • Interview planning and advice.

Senior Consultant

A Little Ones Senior Consultant’s role is similar to that of a Recruitment Consultants, but they hold a higher position with increased salary level and mentorship responsibilities. Their focus is on client retention and to support new recruits and junior consultants in their roles.

Business Manager

As a senior role at Little Ones, Business Manager comes with an increase level of responsibility both to clients, candidates and the team. A Business Manager’s role is focused primarily on client retention and management, however they must also provide a higher level of assistance to other members of staff, including advice, guidance, mentoring and sometimes training to more junior employees.

Recruitment Manager

A Little Ones Recruitment Managers role is to manage and lead the recruitment process and to assists and guide their team towards exceeding their targets.

The Recruitment Manager is responsible for the development and success of their people and of the recruitment process as a whole.

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