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Housekeeper / Cook

Covering the same duties as a housekeeper but with the additional responsibility of preparing meals for the family, a housekeeper cook can enjoy a varied and interesting role. They will be responsible for maintaining a clean, neat and tidy home, as well as preparing, cooking and serving nutritious meals for the household. Whilst a keen interest in cooking comes as standard, for those housekeeper cooks that are more advanced in their cookery skills, there may be a requirement to prepare and cook for dinner parties, family entertaining, etc.

Whilst a housekeeper cook should expect to agree the specifics of their role with a prospective family before accepting a position, the below should provide a comprehensive overview of duties and responsibilities:

  • Preparing, cooking and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Agreeing menus and dietary requirements with the employer
  • Managing grocery shopping and associated budgets
  • Maintaining a clean and tidy household - including kitchen, bathrooms and living areas
  • Cleaning windows
  • Washing and ironing laundry, as well as arranging dry cleaning, where necessary

Housekeeper cooks can expect to be reference checked - as is standard with Little Ones London and many other agencies. They may also be requested to present a DBS record from their home country.

A housekeeper cook that lives in the family home can expect to earn between £400 and £500 per week, whilst a live-out housekeeper cook can look to earn £450-£550.

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