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Little Ones Nanny Payroll Service

Little Ones is a market leader in Childcare and Nanny Payroll Services providing professional support for families. We employ a dedicated team of experts, with over 15 years of industry experience and expertise. The dedicated nanny payroll team is based in the UK and is on call to provide clients with a professional, friendly and all-inclusive nanny payroll service.

The Little Ones Nanny Payroll offering manages all key aspects of employee payroll provision for employees from HMRC registration to bespoke employment contract provision. The Little Ones in-house Nanny Payroll Service aims to take away the administrative burden of hiring an employee and help you to meet all of your employer tax and reporting obligations.

****Complimentary monthly Nanny payroll service for 3 months****

The first three months of monthly Nanny Payroll is complimentary to all clients who have hired a nanny, housekeeper or au pair directly through Little Ones. You can also start, pause, stop and restart your payroll service as you require.

To set up your complimentary monthly payroll service please complete the registration here or call our dedicated team on 0207 183 6795.

Your guide to the Little Ones Nanny Payroll Service

The Little Ones Nanny Payroll Service is delighted to provide the following payroll services to our clients:

HMRC - We manage your tax and National Insurance obligations with HMRC

Little Ones acts as the main point of contact with HMRC on your behalf. From registering you as an employer, setting up your PAYE scheme, to sending HMRC Real Time Information, including Full Payment Submission (FPS) and Employer Payment Summary (EPS). Little Ones payroll will ensure all your HMRC obligations are fulfilled.

Weekly/Monthly payslip provision

Little Ones provides automated weekly/monthly payslips and related customer service support.

Income Tax and NIC reminders

Little Ones provide quarterly Income Tax and NIC reminders and calculations and mechanisms for these payments.

Comprehensive record keeping

Little Ones will maintain complete payroll records on behalf of your employees. We will also assist you with filing an employer’s annual tax return.

HR Consultation service

Little Ones Payroll provides a consultation with our dedicated Payroll and HR team to ensure the final stages of the hiring process are as seamless as possible.

Employment contract support

Little Ones will provide you with tailored employment contracts fitting your employees’ requirements. Our dedicated HR team will be available to guide you through the process and ensure both parties fully understand the employment contract.

Unlimited administrative support from the Little Ones Payroll team

Little Ones Nanny Payroll provides a dedicated HR and support service. The Payroll team will also be responsible for all administrative updates with regard to salary and employee changes.

Nanny payroll additional value-add services:

Pensions and Auto Enrollment

Little Ones Nanny Payroll Service provides a fully managed workplace pension service for our clients. For further information please contact a member of the team or Register here.

Under the new workplace pension reform, every employer in the UK is responsible for putting their employees into a pension scheme if they are:

  • Aged 22 or over and are under state pension age
  • Earning over £192 gross per week (or £833 gross per month)

If your nanny meets the criteria they must be auto-enrolled. However, if your nanny does not qualify they still have the legal right to join a Workplace Pension scheme.

Workplace Pension Scheme set up:

Little Ones Payroll service is available to assist you in the administrative set up of a pension scheme if your nanny qualifies. We will:

  • Create your NEST account
  • Enrol your employee
  • Submit your monthly/weekly contributions

Employee Auto-Enrolment Scheme:

Assisting with the administrative set up of your employee up in the Auto Enrolment scheme.

Nanny Visas

Little Ones Nanny Payroll Service can also help you to organise travel visas for your employees for European holidays. For further information please contact a member of the team on 0207 183 6795.

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