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Nanny Payroll, Tax and HR Services

We have been helping families for over 15 years with their nanny payroll needs. Providing complete management of your payroll responsibilities as a nanny employer by setting up your PAYE scheme, providing payslips and ensuring you never miss a payment to HMRC.

You’re done with hiring, but now how to deal with your nanny payroll and tax admin

Our nanny payroll and tax team are experts. They will provide you efficient and affordable nanny payroll and tax services, with access to our HR line.

Let us handle the hard work of sorting your nanny’s payroll and tax admin

Our nanny payroll and nanny tax team is here to take care of the hard work with your nanny tax and payroll, to ensure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted so you can focus on what’s important to you. Our payroll department is able to assist you and paying your nanny’s tax by:

  • Register you as employer
  • Set up your PAYE scheme
  • Provide provision of monthly/weekly payslips for your nanny
  • Provide quarterly reminders of how much Income Tax and NIC is due for your nanny to HMRC and how to pay these
  • Keep tax records on your nanny’s behalf
  • Assist you with filing an employer’s annual tax return
  • Keep complete Payroll records
  • Provide you access to our HR
  • Service
  • Keep you up to date with tax rates and other changes that may affect your employment
  • We will freeze your subscription if you stop your employment for a period of time
  • We will help you with any issue that may arise regarding your employment such as sickness, maternity etc

We also recommend that as a new employer, you purchase employer’s liability insurance as this is a legal requirement for all employers in the UK.

We understand that you have hired help around the home because your daily life requires your attention to be elsewhere. Let Little Ones ease the load with our nanny payroll expertise.

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If you would like more information on the other HR services Little Ones is able to assist with. Alternatively contact us today for a no obligation discussion about your options.

If you are just starting the process, or are still finding the right Nanny, Housekeeper or Au Pair for your family take a look at our candidates who are available now and our team of consultants can provide you with more information.

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