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In the movies, we often find Butlers in a nice formal black tuxedo with veils, plain white pique vest and ties and a couple of white gloves serving high-maintenance and wealthy families, welcoming guests, serving wines and other refreshments, commanding the house staff and basically providing whatever the family needs.

This picture in mind when we hear the word “Butler” is not entirely wrong but their responsibilities go far beyond and they are more than just the families’ assistant. They are, indeed, sophisticated-looking personnel who manage all the household functions and other facilities. A Butler is a professional head of the household staff that is entrusted by the family to keep everything in proper just how a manager is entrusted by the business owner to maintain the operations running smoothly. The Butler assists in any way possible to lessen the pressure of maintaining the family’s home and make them feel relaxed at the end of the day. This would also mean that the family will have more time with each other as the Butler would make sure that all the little matters of the house are taken care of including the household bills, stocks for the kitchen and home, medical or social appointments and gatherings.

What are the different types of Butler?

There are different types of Butlers and you might be wondering which is which. Perhaps, learning their difference as well as their responsibilities would help you pick the right one for your family. Being every family has their unique personalities, we will help you choose the most suitable Butler that would fit perfectly for your needs.

Private Butler

Butlers, in general, are intended to serve for the family and provide fundamental management along with their necessities. However, the type of Butlers differs according to their tasks and primary responsibilities. A private Butler, for example, is someone who oversees all the family’s personal engagements such as house parties, business or social meetings, out of town holidays or international flights, or the family’s informal or formal appointments. With Butler’s knowledge, they source the best restaurants, bars or events and use their wide network to make sure that the family could gain access to the place at the right time.

The private butler also handles the maintenance of the security and they are liable for the household’s safety. This may include supervision of the security cameras and guards and making sure they are doing their work efficiently.

As they are professionally trained and capable, the family gives them complete control over the administration of their properties. Private Butlers may also act as a companion on the family’s travels or shopping. They may provide wardrobe assistance, ideally with the insight on fashion or the latest trends and style. Private Butlers could go as far as full oversight of the family’s lives certainly with their consent.

Household Butler

On the other hand, a house butler takes care of all the necessary errands and works around the household. With the given authority, they may take over the whole staff to ensure that they are doing well and that they have everything they need to do their work. Of course, they would also need to sustain a harmonious, efficient and happy environment for every household staff, looking after every individual’s well-being. If possible, they may be in charge of employment as well as their payroll and performance reviews.

Household Butlers will also need to monitor if the home appliances or areas need repairing and thus would hire services to do so. They would be in touch directly with the suppliers, service providers and outside contractors and manage all the payments. This means that they have to regularly maintain the overall cleanliness and structure of the property on a routinary basis and make sure that the house and interior are completely in excellent condition. They will constantly communicate with the family to keep them updated on every movement of the household and to associate with what they need.

When it comes to the family’s events, at home or another setting, the household butler will be responsible for the reception and entertainment of the guests. Hence, they will need to do courteous guest service and preparation of cocktails or other refreshments for starters. The house butlers are expected to have knowledge of silver service and reception and must have proper etiquette as they will be the first person to welcome the guests.

How Can You Find the Perfect Butler?

Before finding the perfect Butler, we need to establish the qualities that we want your Butler to have. First and foremost, Butlers should have a wide range of experience from housekeeping to the management of staff. They should also have good communication skills and ideally two to three additional languages learned. A Butler should also have flexibility in scheduling and excellent organisational skills and abilities to guide the employees in a professional and respectable way. The perfect butler is someone who has the humility to accept feedback and act accordingly. The family would surely prefer a butler who has warm personalities like calm, child-friendly, polite and trustworthy.

To find the perfect Butler, you need to find the best agency that provides one. A manual method such as employment through hiring posts or advertisement is probably not a good option to avoid frauds and ineligible candidates. Referrals are possible but your preferences are at stake and you’re not sure if the candidate is still available or would be happy to accept your offer. What you need to look for is an agency that will ensure to give you qualified candidates that match all, if not, many of your requirements.

How Can Little Ones Help?

Little Ones, international childcare and domestic staff provider, has been running the business for more than 15 years all over the United Kingdom as well as international places like Russia, the Middle East and more. The successful years in this industry is because of our competent and skilled recruitment consultants who source the finest candidates that hold admirable records and experiences. The company is well-known for our vetting and screening process to establish the candidate’s legitimacy and capabilities.

Initially, the Butler will have a face-to-face interview that covers the candidate’s personal information and previous employment experiences which will take approximately 40 minutes or so. The consultants would go as deep as the candidate’s perspective about the role as well as his or her skills and qualifications. Moreover, the consultants will gather information from the candidate’s references and make further checking. This procedure will be followed by the request for additional documents. For example, a Butler who would need to interact and spend time with children might be required to submit a simple police check or standard Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check which is a legal requirement to concede criminal record.

The families could also have their preferences such as languages that the Butler must be able to speak, his/her driving abilities and specific skills and knowledge. Little Ones will note everything that the family needs and consider each and every one of them whilst preparing their list of candidates. Call one of our consultants today, let them know what you are currently looking for a Butler, and they will email you the list of candidates in no time.

Little Ones UK is a company with a reputation for thorough vetting and selection process. Aside from our capability to sustain both private and household butlers, our consultants take pride in our core and values such as cultural awareness, safety and security procedures and discretion and confidentiality among others. We believe that a balanced approach and satisfying relationship between the family and their staff is essential and that we all work hard to make that happen.

Who are Little Ones Butlers?

Little Ones Butlers are more than just house managers. They are proficient and highly skilled personnel that could help the family out in many aspects. Their expertise and experiences allow them to accomplish simple or complex tasks and solve problems that might arise within the household. Their role is important to the family’s everyday life given all their responsibilities ahead. Although private and household butlers may have a different job and particular tasks but a butler generally performs the following duties for the family:

  • Over-all maintenance
  • Supervision of household staff
  • Management of the family’s home or other properties
  • Wardrobe and clothing inventory
  • Care and cleaning of artwork and antiques
  • Administration of the household security
  • Booking and scheduling of events
  • Personal assistance
  • Chauffeur duties and valeting
  • Conservation of wine cellar

Little Ones offer butler services commonly in a full-time, live-in position. Our Butlers might be expected to work around the clock but the standard working hours would be 10 to 12 hours per day, 5 to 6 days a week. Accommodation, ideally their own room with a small facility for cooking, will be provided by the family as well as their transportation services. Our Butlers assigned within the United Kingdom ranges between £30,000 to £70,000 per year, and the market rate for international Butlers where they handle more family properties and staff members would be from £100 to £150,000 annually.

Little Ones promises excellence and commitment and this company is home of recruitment consultants, families, nannies and domestic staff as well as Butlers who delicately align a premium, luxury service to those who put their trust in them. Would you like to talk to one of our expert consultants? You can call us on 0207 183 0309 or send us an email to

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