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Butler Agency in London

Every home deserves the best catering and hospitality service. Living in the busy city of London might be a real deal, but after a tiring full day at work nothing is more serene than heading to your own fancy home. Employing a domestic staff, particularly a butler, will help you maximize your homestay, leisure and wellness. It adds to the rewarding nature of our working lives. As the embodiment of London etiquette and discretion, butler duties and responsibilities can take the weight off a busy household particularly when that family has a lot of tasks at hand and perhaps when both adults stay longer hours in their offices, go home late and take business trips. Career driven and family oriented households often need a multi-talented and hands-on individual who will be in charge of the supervision and management of their whole or multiple property as well as the traditional duties in their home.

The role of a butler is an incredibly important one. Butlers have been serving large households, keeping everything well organised and on track. Traditionally, a butler will be in charge of house staff, maintaining the dining room, cellar and pantry, and ensuring that all things are service-related and smoothly running. The essential qualities include discretion, intelligence, stamina, loyalty and a genuine love for the job. It takes a very specific type of person to be able to pull it off. So the Butler agency in London ensures that this skill set and details are well formed in every candidate that we will place.

Getting an excellent butler is a bit challenging but not exactly if you come to the right agency. Whether how to serve a meal, valeting, overseeing other household staff and handling all the details, from the wine pairings down to the flower arrangements, our company recognises the importance of selecting the very best employees to suit every family’s demands and requirements. Either it is for a private or corporate event, when it comes to relying on professional levels of grandeur service, we can provide you with the efficient and capable hands of a butler service.

Where to find the best butlers in London

For over 15 years, Little Ones is a growing domestic staff provider extensively in London. We are a premium agency that have selected highly professional consultants and they have been the best in the recruitment field. They are on hand with advice and assistance throughout the recruitment process. Our consultants work tirelessly to help our clients find the very best candidates that will be responsible for the smooth running of their household. Our company understands that family and home are the most important thing in our clients life, that’s why it is our goal to place candidates that are skillful and could provide the highest level of service that every family deserves. Our butlers are able to answer requests from the menus that you want, arranging dinner or surprise parties, caring for your special items, travel arrangements, record keeping, even extending care as your pet’s companion. We also make sure that our butlers are up to date with the latest trend so that they can advise you for your special occasions and events. All of this to match our clients satisfaction.

Our team is capable of hiring the best candidates using our thorough vetting and screening process. Every household is different and we expect distinct preferences and requirements from each of our clients. Our butler agency in London makes sure to enlist all the possible trustworthy candidates that will conform to your special requests and deamans. If you choose Little Ones, you will receive our butler profiles as promptly as possible, we have continued support after a placement is made and we will assist you whenever you need us.

What are the vetting and screening procedures in the Butler Agency in London?

Little Ones is an internationally established domestic service provider. Our esteemed reputation and quality of service have resulted in the development of a constantly expanding network of satisfied clients, whose needs and requirements are accommodated to the highest standard. We want to get to know our clients and exactly what they are looking for, to enable us to find the ideal person or people. We ensure that all butlers that we will place to every household are knowledgeable in etiquette and protocol, well experienced in hospitality and concierge services as well as can adapt accordingly.

The consultants that comprise the team are highly experts at recruiting trained butlers from London or outside the city. Our years of experience have resulted in us being able to select only the best candidates that will suit every household. Every butler candidate will have to undergo thorough background checking and vetting policy including their work experience, previous employer remarks and expectations as well as screening procedures to check their health condition, skills and qualifications. Standard criminal records or the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and valid first aid qualification are also checked along with many other documents.

As we receive over thousands of butlers, house managers and other domestic service candidate applications each month, the consultants make sure to take the competent ones who can meet every client’s demands. These candidates will be interviewed face to face and only a small percentage are interviewed by our families in London. All necessary processes are done to ensure that the butlers and domestic helpers we introduce are smart, well presented, equipped and efficient.

What information can the Butler Agency in London give about the candidates?

Once the primary phone consultation with the client is done, the London Butler Agency will be providing the list of probable and potential butler candidates that could possibly match every household requirements. Clients could have different requests including the skill sets that a candidate has. For example, clients could request for a butler with superb communication and interpersonal skills. The family may request a butler that speaks a particular language. It might be French, Spanish, English, Italian, Mandarin, Tagalog or if they want someone bilingual to communicate well with them.

They may request a butler with formal training in hospitality and concierge services, They might also require a butler who is a good cook or someone who could follow the recipe of the family so that they can supervise the staff that will be responsible for preparing meals for the household, The client may also specify the working days of the butler and if it will include the weekend or not. The role of a butler is cast not only for males nowadays but a lot of females are also gaining interest in the field. Families may specifically want a male or female as a helping hand that will ensure the smooth running of their households.

Some homes require only part-time help to ease the burden of the clients busy schedules, but most families quickly realise the value of having a butler constantly depending on the family’s service needs and property size, it will dictate the duties and level of formality for the butler or any specialization that the owners want to entrust their homely affairs. This information will be available to the family so that they would never have to worry about the butler’s qualifications as the agency screens every applicant’s capability to work for them.

Despite the fact that there might be chances that not all the requested credentials will be accommodated but rest assured that Little Ones will be providing options up until you found the perfect candidate for you and get the best service for your family in London.

Areas Covered by the Butler Agency in London

Little Ones is the best thing that you could contact to find domestic staff service on a temporary or permanent basis. Whenever you need a butler, house manager,or both, Little Ones will always be there to be your helping hand. We provide butlers who can meet the unpredictable needs of the household. We also place butlers who can be your old hand with the latest software and security systems. We ensure that the butlers that will be part of your family can also ensure that all your crafts and equipment that needs maintenance procedures will be checked and maintained. All butlers that we integrate in every home have good knowledge on wines, silver, care of fine antiques and art as well as know how to pack suitcases, fill wardrobes and manage clothing inventories. Our well screened butlers are also capable of overseeing other household staff.

As the London butler agency knows all the strands and loops when it comes to choosing the right domestic staff service providers they’ve covered all the types of services you may require in the future. Little Ones provide for the most extensive part of London reaching all families in the heart of the United Kingdom. We cover all butlers from Notting Hill, Holland Park, Highgate, Hampstead, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, South Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond, Belgravia, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Putney, Parsons Green, Fulham, Hammersmith, Islington and Marylebone.

To discuss your specific requirements, or to apply for a Butler position, please contact Little Ones Butler services on 0207 183 0309 or register online.

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