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Learning to Read Program for Early Years

Learning to Read Program for Caregivers of Early Years Children

Providing the fundamental tools and understanding to positively assist a child in the first steps of their reading journey - developed for parents, nannies and childminders.

Do you know what a story stack is? How does an "e" sound in phonics? Why does my child have "tricky words"? The learning process happens in all aspects of a child's life, not simply the classroom and homework book. Developing a love of reading is essential in a child's early years. The Learning to Read Program covers everything you need to help you and your child enjoy the learning to read experience.

"Providing your child with support and patience, giving them a head start with reading in their first years of school are so important to having a positive learning experience."
- Adeline Tye, Learn to Read Educator

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What is covered in the Learning to Read program?

Communication, Language and Literacy

  • Communication and language milestones in children aged 0-3 years
  • The Early Years Foundation Stage and child development
  • When to introduce reading


  • What is Phonics and what are the sounds?
  • Phonics in schools
  • Learn to read schemes
  • How to use phonics at home

Story Sacks and Cubes

  • Make your own story sack
  • Stretching children's imaginations with story cubes

Technology and Resources

  • Apps to support reading
  • Access to phonic worksheets

Making reading fun

  • Helping children understand stories, phrases and grammar
  • Keeping older children interested in books

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