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Little Ones UK Premium Payroll and Legal Advice Service Registration

  • Signing up to Little Ones Premium Payroll and Legal Advice Service is easy. Simply fill in the fields you are able to, agree to the terms and submit.
  • Any fields you are unsure of our specialist Payroll team with assist you with following registration.
  • Once completed a Little Ones Payroll specialist will contact you on the details you provide to take payment.
  • Little Ones Premium Payroll Service costs £225 + VAT per annum for monthly payroll.


Employer Personal Details

PAYE Scheme Details

Do you have an existing PAYE Scheme set up? (required)

If yes please supply the following:

Please note the monthly Payroll fee is £220 per annum. £250 per annum for weekly/fortnightly.

HMRC and Payroll documents

Are you happy to receive pay slips by email?

Are you happy to receive other payroll documents by email?


Employee Personal Details

Job Details

If the employee is paid gross, they will receive less than the stated figure. If they are paid net they will receive the stated figure. The gross figure is net pay plus income tax and employee's national insurance. Please note that employer's national insurance will have to be added to calculate the total cost to the employer.
We recommend that employees are paid monthly based on a calendar month. Monthly pay is calculated as (weekly pay x 52 week/12 months). If weekly pay, pay period ends on a Friday.
Please include details of any benefits such as use of car outside working hours; health insurance; pension; accommodation or other items paid on the employees' behalf by the employer.

Other Employment

Is this the employees' only employment?

Does the employee have a P45?


By completing this form you agree:
I understand that the information provided by me on this form will be used to calculate tax and NI contributions payable to HMRC and that the information is, to the best of my knowledge, complete and accurate. I also understand that it is my responsibility to notify Little Ones UK Limited immediately of any changes. I have read the Terms and Conditions and accept and agree to be bound by them.
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