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Little Ones Hiring Process

At Little Ones, we take great pride in employing only the most driven and dedicated candidates to join our team. Our hiring process is therefore a procedure that has many stages.

Stage One: Chat over the phone

We begin with a brief impromptu telephone interview in which we will discuss a little of your work history, and provide you with more information about Little Ones as a company and details of the job you are applying for.

Stage Two: Face to face with our TAM

You are invited to a face to face interview at our central London office with our Talent Acquisition Manager. Lasting around 45 minutes the interview will delve deep into your work history in order for us to establish if you are a match for the role and company.

Stage Three: Meet the MD

You will be invited face-to-face interview with our Managing Director, and the hiring recruitment manager. A successful interview will result in a tour of the offices and meet the team.

Stage Four: The offer

If successful at the previous three stages, you will receive an offer letter detailing salary, holidays, job description, and title.

Stage Five: Contracts and formalities

If you are happy with the offer you have received, you may accept the offer, and a contract will be sent along with the “All you need to know” guide outlining details such as policies, processes and promotional opportunities.

Stage Six: Your first day at Little Ones

On your first day, you will be introduced again to your team and your personal space. Training during the first 2 weeks will be intensive and informative, setting you up for success at Little Ones.

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