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Are you an Experienced Recruiter?

At Little Ones, our years of experience have resulted in us being able to select only the best people to join our team, but talented individuals with a potential to begin a career in recruitment, and experienced individuals who want to reach their potential.

  • Competitive salaries

    Salaries offered by Little Ones are extremely competitive with recruitment in other industries such as Finance and IT. As a premium service, this means we can offer experienced recruiters financial enticements that are some of the most competitive in the industry.

  • Central location

    Little Ones provides an experienced recruiter with an extremely professional and comfortable working environment. With two offices in Central London, situated in Fitzrovia and Kings Cross, we are located at the heart of an ever-evolving and dynamic city. The fast-paced atmosphere of London is the perfect environment for an experienced and highly driven individual.

  • Career growth

    Little Ones provides excellent opportunities for growth and development for even the most experienced of recruiters, on both a professional and personal level. We provide an experienced recruiter, sales professional or graduate with:

    • A professional and competitive environment which inspires success and offers support to all employees when it comes to progression within the job.
    • Regular training, for new recruiters through to senior management in positions where you are responsible for a team developing below you.
    • Fantastic bonus and financial incentives, including commission and winners’ trips.

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