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November 18th, 2020

How Can a Great Nanny Enrich Your Child’s Life?

Many families today are blessed with adorable children who are not just in need of attention but most importantly deserve all the love and support from their parents. As much as the parents want to be always available for their children but the reality is they also have to work and provide their financial needs. Thus, they are keen to have a “support system” that will make their everyday responsibilities much easier.

A great nanny would be one of the most flexible help that any parents can find out there, they do not just look after your children but they do it with love and full of concern. They are also not just an employee but they are more likely to be an extended part of the family. You will be surprised how enthusiastic they are to provide assistance for the parents needing help and share their childcare expertise without even thinking twice. We understand that it might not be easy to leave your children to someone you just knew for a couple of days or weeks of interviewing them. So how would you know if they are really a perfect nanny for your children?

What are the characteristics of a great nanny?

Let’s list some of the few characteristics a great nanny has:

A great nanny genuinely loves your children.

A nanny who is passionate about their profession will have a genuine love and enthusiasm for children. You might notice at the first encounter you had with the nanny if they truly care for your children and as time goes by you will surely observe how they treat them. A great nanny will take good care of your children as if they were her own. They are interested in what is best for them as much as you do and will make sure that they are happy and safe at all times. They also get worried whenever your children are sick or hurt thus they will try their best to make them feel better. However, even though they genuinely love your children, a great nanny will never think of competing with the parents or generate any kind of jealousy as they know their boundaries so instead they are much willing to always work alongside you every step of the way.

A great nanny is trustworthy and reliable.

Finding someone who will look after your precious children takes a leap of faith. You will let a stranger take charge of your little one whilst you are away hoping that everything will be okay. “I will definitely find someone trustworthy and reliable!”, this is probably what you have in mind. So the first thing you may consider when hiring a nanny is to know what the previous families they worked with says about them. A good reference would be one of the basis that the nanny is the one you are looking for but it doesn’t end there of course, you must see it for yourself once they start working with your family. One of the signs that they are reliable when they never come late or moreover may arrive at your home earlier than expected. You can count on them especially on times when you need them maybe during emergencies or on occasional work on the weekends. They would be happy to take cover on days that you have to work late or have to attend an urgent meeting.

A great nanny is proactive and flexible.

It is not always easy to get the children’s attention or maybe make them do something they aren’t so excited about. Thus, making it a challenge not just for parents but also for the nanny to encourage them to participate in different activities. For this reason, it is vital that the nanny is proactive who will always be ready to create captivating and fun activities for your children. They will arrange not just exciting activities but at the same time make it educational for them to be able to nurture and develop the essential skills. A great nanny will also take the initiative to do something they think is necessary for the wellbeing of your children. In addition to that, they are willing to be flexible and adaptable to your child’s personality, hobbies and interests to create a good rapport with them.

A piece of paper may not be enough to write down all the characteristics that makes a nanny totally exemplary as the list will go on and on but one thing is for sure: A great nanny will always do above and beyond your expectations.

How can a great nanny enrich your child’s life?

People who you surround your children to will make a big impact on their lives. Nannies will be there whilst the children are growing up and chances are they will be there to witness your child’s small conquests such as seeing them crawl or hearing their first words. They will be there on your children’s first celebrations, the first day studying in school or the moments when they learn new skills. They would know almost everything about your child because they spend so much time with each other and sometimes more than what you think would be ideal. Accordingly, they have the opportunity to enrich your child’s life and make an influence on the way they think and see everything around them.

A great nanny can have a positive effect on your child’s cognitive and social development. Younger children tend to be more pliable as they are easily influenced by the people and environment around them. If the nanny is warm and has a positive outlook in life, then it will surely be seen in her actions and the children will be more likely to be just the same when they grow up. Children can certainly observe if the nanny is someone sensitive and always consider what others may feel, it will serve as a good example for them that they will keep in mind even if they are not so little anymore.

In addition to that, a great nanny will always try to bring out the best in every situation even if your children may feel a bit downhearted or frustrated they will always build them up. They will support them and make them believe in themselves which will surely lift up their self esteem. Thus, a nanny can help you raise happy and confident children despite the stressing times we are living in.

As what we have discussed earlier, a great nanny genuinely cares and loves your children. They will make them feel that they are valuable and well taken care of, which will make the children feel loved. If the children feel the love from their parents and nannies, they will cultivate a positive attitude towards people they meet everyday. They will be more cheerful, smiling and gain a lot of friends in school or even in the community. A child who has a positive energy will attract more connections with other people as a result of being with someone or a nanny who truly cares for her/him.

The children will always remember the lessons and the way others treat them whether it is for the better or maybe worse. It is crucial to choose the friends and acquaintances they have, so as when it comes to the childcare providers they will spend most of their time. You might wonder how you can find a great nanny?

How to find the best childcare provider using a nanny agency?

We truly believe that finding a childcare provider would be one of the most important decisions a parent has to make. It is not just because they will have to spend some money but because you will use your money on something that is extremely vital. You are looking for not just a service which is more than a cleaner, a cook or a story time reader. You are seeking to hire someone who will love, protect and nurture your most priceless possession - your children.

Little Ones is a nanny and domestic staff agency for over 15 years of experience. We have built a renowned reputation when it comes to finding a great nanny for families in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. We have outstanding nanny consultant specialists who are happy to use their expertise in providing the best service you need. They are willing to exert their time and energy on searching for the perfect nanny that will be suitable for your family. As a matter of fact, we have placed numerous fantastic nannies for a lot of families who have different needs. They will make sure to get your specific qualifications and requirements for a nanny and then send you candidate profiles they think will live up to your standards.

We are more than happy to assist you with your search for a great nanny. If you wish to have a consultation with one of our specialists and have more information about our services, please feel free to contact our direct line 0207 183 0309.

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