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November 25th, 2020

What does a Housekeeper do?

A housekeeper is defined as a person who maintains cleanliness and looks after a house for its owner. They will help the employer to keep everything in order, but they don’t only help with the house cleaning - they can help with errands, such as doing the shopping, picking up the mail, cooking for the family and looking after the family pets.

Housekeeper tasks

The Housekeeper’s tasks will vary depending on the family and days that they are working. For example, those housekeepers working on a full-time basis will have time to do deep cleaning to most of the areas of the house and garden, while part-time housekeepers will focus on the laundry, ironing and general cleaning, depending on the size of the space and family.

It’s always important to bear in mind the needs of your family. How can you tell if you need someone full-time or part-time? First, you need to take into consideration that hiring a housekeeper for full-time or part-time hours will change the salary that you will need to pay, so giving yourself an idea of how much you are willing to invest in someone helping you at home will help to see how much this person can do per day.

Think about the benefits of having a housekeeper from 9 am to 6 pm for 5 days a week vs. having someone 2 days per week for 8 hours. Take into consideration that if you want your housekeeper to cook for the family, help with the shopping, look after the dog, keep the on top of the laundry and ironing, and do general cleaning of the house and garden, then yes, you definitely will need someone to work on a full-time basis, but if you are just looking for some extra help, like once per week cleaning the toilets, changing bed sheet and doing the washing, a part-time housekeeper is the perfect option for you.

Below, you will find a list of the most common cleaning tasks:

  • Cooking food for the family
  • Arranging the food and preparing a variety of healthy meals, following recipes.
  • Preparing snacks for the children
  • Polishing marble, silver, brass and furniture
  • Restocking the home
  • Running errands, such as grocery shopping
  • Washing the family car
  • Washing windows and mirrors
  • Mopping, hoovering and dusting carpets and floors
  • Dry cleaning
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Dusting and mopping the floors
  • Organising and maintaining the wardrobes
  • Weekly deep cleanse of the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Unloading and loading the dishwasher
  • Feeding, washing and walking the dog
  • Cleaning and occasional disinfecting of the children's toys
  • Organising clothes by season
  • Packing and unpacking suitcases
  • Taking the bins out
  • Cleaning antiques
  • Maintaining all bedrooms
  • Changing bed sheets
  • Helping with dinner parties
  • Meeting tradesmen and collecting deliveries.


Covering the same duties as a housekeeper, but with the additional responsibility of preparing meals for the family, a housekeeper-cook can enjoy a varied and interesting role. They will be responsible for maintaining a clean, neat and tidy home, as well as preparing, cooking and serving nutritious meals for the household. Whilst a keen interest in cooking comes as standard, for those housekeeper-cooks that are more advanced in their cookery skills, there may be a requirement to prepare and cook for dinner parties, family entertaining, etc.

Whilst a housekeeper cook should expect to agree the specifics of their role with a prospective family before accepting a position, the below should provide a comprehensive overview of duties and responsibilities:

  • Preparing, cooking and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Agreeing menus and dietary requirements with the employer
  • Managing grocery shopping and associated budgets
  • Maintaining a clean and tidy household - including kitchen, bathrooms and living areas
  • Cleaning windows
  • Washing and ironing laundry, as well as arranging dry cleaning, where necessary


Housekeeper-companions are perfect if you require a little extra help around the home and in your daily life, but are not quite ready for a carer. Housekeeper-companions are there to provide support, company and ensure that your home is kept up to your standards. It gets stressful trying to keep up with the hussle and bussle of daily life, but our Housekeeper-companions are there to ensure that you are able to live life to the fullest.

How many hours can a Housekeeper work and how much are their salaries?

The salary will depend on the experience and the employer’s requirements. Also, Housekeepers with more years of experience will charge higher salaries than those housekeepers with only 2 to 3 years of experience.

Housekeepers can work for 10 to 12 hours per day, 5 to 6 days per week with a wages ranging from £10 to £15 per hour or £400 to £600 net per week for full-time live-out housekeepers, and £300 to £500 net per week for live-in housekeeper.

Families in the United Kingdom hire housekeepers on a permanent basis or temporary basis. Those families that are looking for a long commitment for more than a year will look for a housekeeper that is happy to stay with the family for many years. However, sometimes, families are just seeking someone to help while their current housekeeper is on holiday or maternity leave for example, so a temporary housekeeper is the best option for them.

Part-time Housekeeper

Part-time housekeepers in London are perfect for those families that don’t need full-time support, but require a little assistance around the home each week. Typically working up to 8 hours per week, part time housekeepers can cover the same broad range of duties as live-in housekeepers - just simply not to the same extent. From meeting tradesmen to collecting deliveries, cleaning the home or cooking, part time housekeepers are there to give busy families a helping hand when they need it most.

Live-in Housekeeper

Covering a broad range of duties from cooking to laundry, shopping to cleaning, live in housekeepers provide that all-important domestic support for busy families in London and beyond. With professional experience in housekeeping and reference verification, you can rest assured that the live-in housekeepers available from Little Ones London are of the highest standards.

Working up to 5-6 days per week for 10-12 hours per day, a livei-n housekeeper will provide excellent support for your household.

How can I find a Housekeeper?

There are different ways to find a housekeeper, such as asking friends for recommendations, looking by yourself on the internet or using an agency.

Little Ones Agency has been working with United Kingdom families for over 15 years to place housekeepers. Our Housekeepers are highly experienced and the best at keeping your household neat, tidy and running smoothly. At Little Ones, we will only provide you with housekeepers with extensive experience and exceptional recommendations. Our housekeepers will assist you to ensure your home is organised, clean and run smoothly.

Our vetting procedure for housekeepers includes:

  • Extensive face-to-face interview
  • Verbal references confirmed
  • DBS checked
  • Analysis of previous work experience

What do we look for in the housekeepers we put forward to your family?

Little Ones understands how important it is for your Housekeeper to live locally to you. We will only consider a candidate that is able to walk or cycle to your home, or within a 45 minute to an hour travel to you, to ensure your housekeeper arrives on time every day. We also take care to consider the candidate’s welfare and want to ensure they don’t get run down by the daily commute.

Our bespoke consultancy service enables our consultants to get to know you and your requirements thoroughly. Through our thorough interviewing process, we get to know our candidates’ values, interests and methods. This helps us to ensure that you and your Kew Gardens housekeeper are a perfect match, leading to a long lasting placement.

Bilingual Domestic Staff

At Little Ones London Nanny and Housekeeper Agency, we are able to fulfil all your staff requirements. Our speciality is bilingual staff and our consultants speak the languages you require.

If you are searching for an Italian, Russian, French, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese or German housekeeper, nanny or cook, Little Ones will be pleased to assist.

We have many more languages available - and whatever your requirements, a Little Ones consultant will find you the perfect solution. Our consultants require the highest standards from our candidates. We understand our clients have specific needs. Our one-off fees come with a guarantee - if you are not happy with your choice of candidate, Little Ones will replace the candidate for no additional fee.

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