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January 22nd, 2021

After-School Nanny - What to Look for and how to find the right person for you


It is common today to find both parents working in an office or out in the field. Normally, it will take more than a full-time shift before these loving parents would be able to go back to their waiting children. Therefore, there will be a crucial gap between the time the little ones get off school probably around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and the time their parents come home. These moments when the children are still active for activities, homework or strolling around the park must be eyed nonetheless.


This is what after-school nannies are for. They are part-time child carers that particularly look after toddlers and school-aged children after their class. The role involves picking the children from nursery or school, taking them to their scheduled clubs or playdates, assisting them with their homework or school runs, preparing them healthy snacks and meals, keeping them engaged whilst the parents are still not around, and getting them washed and ready for bed. After-school nannying are more than just supervision, but may also include nursery duties such as cleaning after the children and organising their stuff for the next day.



Things to Consider


After-school nannies may have different personalities and each one of them could have their unique way of childcare. Based on their personal experiences, after-school nannies may differ when it comes to values, method and perspective. What then should parents consider when hiring an after-school nanny?


Parents must decide what type of childcare they would like their children to have. This way, they can be certain what to look for when screening candidates.



Nannying is a profession and it takes a serious candidate to take the responsibility for the children even if it’s only for an hour or two. So having an after-school nanny who is passionate about their career is something you might want to consider. A passionate person doesn’t only work and get things done, but they put their heart and soul into it. This would always lead to a close nanny-children bonding which most often stays a very long time. Passion allows them to be flexible and progress into a better childcarer, along with the things they learn about the children every day.


Warm and Loving

No parents would want a half-hearted nanny who is cold and unenthusiastic. Indeed, every parent wishes that the nanny will express the same love and kindness that they show to their children as much as possible. Parents would require a nanny who listens and is compassionate of their children’s feelings, and someone who will be mindful of their interests, skills and hobbies. Being warm and loving are two must-have when finding the perfect after-school nanny.




Fun and Proactive

It might not be a surprise that toddlers and school-aged children are full of energy and excitement on various activities. Some parents may like the idea of the nannies joining the children on their after school ventures such as swimming, outdoor games or arts and crafts. Some may need to improvise games and educational exercises to keep the children engaged all afternoon, or until the parents arrive. Whatever tasks may be required, the after-school nanny must think of fun and creative ways to be able to entertain the children, preventing them from excessive use of gadgets and screen time or to avoid dull moments that might trigger tantrums and irritation.



Naturally, the parents will be entrusting the lives of their children in a matter of 3 to 4 hours every day. This means that the nanny might be the only adult present in the household. Accordingly, the after-school nanny is expected to act and behave in a way that would leave a good example to the children. The parents prefer someone who shares the same values and character as the nanny will stand as a second parent, an older brother or sister to their little ones.


Moreover, the nanny will be left with valuable things whilst the parents are away. Hence, finding a trustworthy after-school nanny is a very important matter to take into consideration.




The after-school nanny will basically remove a heavy load off the parent’s plate, knowing that the children have someone to rely on whilst both of them are not around. However, only responsible nannies will be able to keep a handful of children and their activities in order. An after-school nanny would know what and when to do things in harmony with the parent’s approach. The after-school nanny’s tasks might not end when the parents come home, meaning they may need to do more child-related chores even after a series of tiring activities. So parents will definitely need to look for a responsible nanny who will be up and ready for the job on hand.



How to Find the Right Person?


Getting the perfect after-school nanny is not easy, especially since all parents would want nothing but the best for their children. How will you then find a passionate, warm, loving, fun, proactive, trustworthy and responsible after-school nanny without having too much trouble?


Plan and Set

It is ideal to find someone who will fit the parent’s preferences but it is extremely significant to include your children’s thoughts into this. Besides, getting an after-school nanny will affect your children more than anyone else. Hence, involve the children by asking them how they feel about getting a nanny and/or what type of nanny they want to spend their time with to make sure that you and the children are in the same picture.


Once everything is settled with your children, it is then the parent’s responsibility to decide what type of childcare they would like their little ones to have. Would you like someone firm or authoritative? How about someone outdoorsy or artistic? Do you want a childcarer who can cook or can play musical instruments? Or a nanny who knows two or three languages?

Set the requirements for your nanny and it will help you narrow down your options.


Check Your Budget

Establish the importance of the after-school nanny in your daily routine and do the usual pros and cons. Compare the cost of employing a childcarer and make sure that it’s worth every penny. An after-school nanny will have additional expenses so check your budget before looking for one.


For an after-school nanny’s market rate, please visit



Confide with a Trusted Agency

The easiest way possible is to hand over the search to a reliable agency that will help you get to the top-most after-school nanny candidates in a week or so. Little Ones UK, for example, can help you from picking the most suitable candidates to checking their references and handling all the necessary paperwork


Employing an after-school nanny alone is possible but it is recommended to find the right agency who will be there all along to assist you and your children to the best of their ability.

You could save yourself from all the stress and series of work in finding that one perfect nanny you’d want for your little ones, not to mention the time wasted from waiting and the endless interview from hundreds of candidates that might be interested in the position. Trust an agency who is knowledgeable enough to know the people that you could get along with and will not think twice to help you out when you need them. Little Ones UK, in this note, is one of the leading nanny and domestic helper agencies in the country who could offer a premium childcare service. It consists of a professional team who is dedicated to seeking excellent after-school nanny all over the UK.


Each recruitment consultant is a well-informed expert in the market and has the know-how in this business. Little Ones UK’s eminent reputation also comes from their strict vetting and screening process, their checking of references and background analysis. Their capabilities are based on several families who already had experienced support in this field. This way, families will be provided with the candidate’s work ethics, previous performance, skills, strengths and their relationship with their past employers — allowing them to know their after-school nanny before welcoming them to their lives.


Rely Upon Your Guts


It is imperative that when your decision has been made, you need to have confidence in your parental instinct and faith in your judgment. When your agency, as well as your employee, find that you trust their work, it will give them more reason to stay and do their job enthusiastically. Give your childcarer the chance to show love and affection to your family and treat them with respect.



An after-school nanny can be beneficial for you and your children in numerous ways but finding the right candidate may be a bit of work. Many families are also searching for this type of childcare and it will be practical to start your quest with Little Ones UK today.


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