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January 22nd, 2021

What activities can an After-school nanny help with?

One type of childcare that is very on demand in England and London is After-school nannies. The reason is the flexibility that hiring one gives busy parents who need a Nanny to cover from 3 to 6 hours per day after their children have finished school, so there is no need to hire a full-time nanny. They typically care for children aged five years and over, although they may be experienced caring for children of any age.

Parents will feel at peace and be able to keep to their daily schedule without any problems, knowing that their children are safe after they leave their school, while they are working or doing errands in the afternoon until they arrive home in the evening.

An After-school Nanny will:

1. Pick up the children from nursery or school

After-school Nannies can help parents pick up their children from home in the morning and drop them off at the school, and pick them up in the afternoon to bring them home. Not all parents will choose to have an After-school nanny who can help them in the morning for an hour or an hour and a half to prepare the children for school, but it’s an option that some parents and After-school nannies will be happy to have. As well, if a parent has an important meeting one day from earlier, the family can ask the nanny to help one morning to get the children ready. Bear in mind that most After-school Nannies are students or people who work only for a few hours per day, so they will be happy to help occasionally from earlier if the family needs this.

2. Prepare meals

After-school Nannies are not only in charge of picking up the children from school; they will also prepare dinner for the children and the snacks for the next day, which the children need to take with them to school. At the beginning of the employment, the nanny will have a chat with the parents about the children’s diet, if the suffer any allergy, if they cannot eat gluten or if they need a dairy-free diet; if the family is vegetarian, vegan or pescatorial, they can search for an After-school nanny that follows their diet.

3. Do Homework assistance

One of the most important tasks that the After-school nanny will have is to help the children with homework. Parents want to arrive home knowing that their children don’t have any more school responsibilities that need to be done before going to bed. The After-school Nanny will need to be on top of the homework and school projects, like spelling, reading, searching information for a specific topic that will be discussed at school, maths and more. They are the best person to tell the parents if the children need extra help in a specific subject.

  1. Drive the children

If your children’s school is far from your home or your little ones have a busy agenda after school with sports and extra activities that need someone to drive them to the place, thinking of hiring an after-school nanny is the best option. Many nannies will have a driving license, since they know that this is in high demand for parents around England.

  1. Educational activities such as teaching a second language

If your family speaks more than one language, like English and French, Spanish, Swedish or Russian, and you would like your children to learn and fluently speak the same languages of the family, or if you want your children to learn another language, apart from English, hiring a bilingual after-school nanny is the perfect option for you. They will help your children to develop a second language, like their mother-tongue, you can request that your nanny speak Japanese, Cantonese or Greek to your children, so always hiring someone who is fluent in the language of your selection, will be beneficial for all the family.

  1. Arrange play-dates, social schedules and extracurricular activities

Having children busy after school will help keep them healthy and happy. Your after-school Nanny will be happy to help you to create the best programme for your children when they finish school; they will know when the best day is to plan a play-date with your child’s best friend, when the best days are to arrange music or sport classes, like football or swimming.

  1. Get them washed and ready for bed

Most children need to be told that they need to take a shower or go to bed, as they are still learning their daily routine and knowing when it is time to sleep. An After-school Nanny will make sure that your children have taken a shower and are in their pyjamas by the time that you arrive home, and in some cases, they will help busy parents to put the children to bed.

  1. Help during half-term, school holidays and emergency cover

Half-terms and school holidays can be worrisome for some parents, since some of them won’t be on holiday at the same time as their children, and it will be difficult for them to keep their children active during the day. If you are thinking of hiring an after-school nanny, most of them will know that when your children are on holiday, they will need to help look after your children from morning until noon. They can help to plan the activities that the children will do during the school break, like going to parks, climbing or a play-date with some friends.

An After-school Nanny will be happy to help the parents when the child has become sick and needs to stay at home or if any emergency occurs that prevents the child from going to school; they will be the right hand of the family when it’s about their children, always ready to help and do as much as they can to support the parents in the children’s development.

  1. Do the children’s laundry

If the after-school nanny has time before picking up the children from school or during the afternoon, or if the little ones are doing another activity that doesn’t require the supervision or help of the nanny, they can help the parents by doing the children’s laundry and ironing. Parents need to take into consideration that they sometimes won’t have time to do these tasks if the children have a busy agenda that requires the nanny to be involved. If the family would like the after-school nanny to help with the laundry, it’s always a good idea to ask them to come an hour before they need to go to school.

How can Little Ones help you to find the perfect After-school Nanny?

The process of finding an after-school nanny suitable to your family’s needs and preferences is not only difficult, but will also add stress and worry if you were to do this on your own. While directly recruiting candidates gives you flexibility and control, it can be a daunting task, as sifting through the candidate applications will take up a lot of your time and most of these applicants do not even have the necessary qualifications and experiences that you are looking for. Whereas, if you use a childcare agency, you will have the reassurance that the after-school nannies that will be presented to you have undergone a strict and very thorough screening and vetting process, something that an online job site will not be able to offer you.

Our after-school nannies have years of childcare experience. We have after-school nannies that can take care of children of any age group, from young babies to children attending school. Our trustworthy and reliable after-school nannies make the perfect addition to any family who are looking for help in the afternoon. An After-school nanny will become an integral part of your family’s and children’s lives, and Little Ones can help you find the perfect person to fill this role.

Little Ones childcare agency receives thousands of applications a month; from these, we only select the very best with whom to schedule a face-to-face interview. These interviews include an in-depth discussion of the candidate’s personal experience and work history. Our expert consultants will also take verbal references from the candidate’s previous clients as well as identity and work visa checks following a rigorous process. We also require all our after-school nanny and childcare candidates to undertake a Paediatric First Aid qualification. We offer this course at a very affordable price to make sure that the nannies from Little Ones agency are able to fund a course. Furthermore, all Little Ones Live-in Nannies will have a DBS check or police check..

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