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January 22nd, 2021

What is a Domestic Couple and What Do They Do?

A spotless and well-maintained home where all things are in order is what a simple family desires every day. One may have a larger household or more than one estate but every family deserves a healthy and clean environment. This is where Domestic Couples come in. They are two workers hired as one, let it be an actual couple, married individuals or extremely close friends, who are responsible for taking care of the family home and other domestic needs. Domestic couples have spent and worked many years together, forming a harmonious bond that keeps both of them going. The couple will be some sort of complementary to each other especially when they have different skills combined.

Domestic couples will make sure that the household is running smoothly on a daily basis. Their tasks involve childcare and general housekeeping chores depending on what help the family requires. Hiring a domestic couple will take off loads of housework and they might appear handy when it comes to emergencies.

What Do They Do?

Domestic couples could perform different roles. Their responsibilities include that of a housekeeper, gardener, house manager or butler, nanny, nanny-housekeeper, private chef or driver. Each type of job for domestic couples will require various skills and capabilities.

  • The most common is a housekeeper type of domestic couple who will focus mainly on keeping the cleanliness and structure of a household. Often, the family who needs a domestic couple to work as housekeepers owns a vacation home or another residence that would like to stay in its beautiful condition. Or they may need the domestic couple to stay in their current residence which could be determined as a luxurious size. In one way or another, the domestic couple will guarantee a gracefully maintained property.

  • A gardener is someone who will grow and nurture the family’s lawn and backyard along with their plants. The gardener will be in charge of the external parts of the property to keep its overall appearance.

  • A more complex work for a domestic couple will be a house manager or a butler which serves as head of the staff or the other domestic employees. The house manager or butler’s duty engages in an administrative task, making sure that everything is functioning properly, that the staff are working well and getting along, and all the house necessities are purchased. House managers and butlers also administer house gatherings and parties as the family will expect them to accommodate the visitors and oversee the banquet.

  • Nannies, on the other hand, will provide childcare support for the little ones. This type of job for domestic couples will demand more requirements related to the children such as first aid training or nursery backgrounds. Both domestic couple, or either one of them, will be responsible for the safety and comfort of the children along with all other nursery tasks. These include and are not limited to organising the children’s daily schedule, changing nappies for babies and clothes for toddlers or school-aged children, setting up nap routine, arranging activities and playdates, meal preparation, cleaning up after the children, doing the children’s laundry and ironing as well as maintaining their rooms and play areas tidy at all times.

  • Whilst nannies focus on the children and nursery work, the nanny housekeeper takes care of the children and the housework simultaneously. This may be a balanced work between the domestic couple where one could look after the children, and the other one performs the house chores. The tasks are childcare and housekeeping put together which will basically mean that the domestic couple will be entrusted with everything around the house.

  • Private chef or cook will have more work in the kitchen. This means that one or both domestic couples will cook or prepare meals for the family on a daily basis. Some families will request certain cuisines so it will be a big advantage if the domestic couple will have experience or knowledge on creating various and popular dishes.

  • Finally, a driver or a chauffeur is a job type which moves a lot. The chauffeur will take the family in their meetings, or drive the children to and from school, help the family with the errands or school runs.

These jobs for domestic couples could be applied in different positions such as full-time or part-time, live-in or live-out, and permanent or temporary. Find out more information about the Domestic Couple duties here.

What Skills Do Domestic Couples Have?

Of course, domestic couples still have their own personalities and expertise. Their skills vary and they could go on a long list given their share of experience. Working from one family to another will certainly give them the opportunity to learn more as they adjust with their employer’s needs. Typically, domestic couples are flexible and can do multitasking on different levels and they acquire skills depending on the type of job that they get.

For example, housekeepers will positively have strong organisational and housekeeping skills. The wife may be good at deep cleaning and the husband could be best with the house maintenance including electrical, plumbing and security. The domestic couple, or at least one of them, must have good cooking skills. It’s not always required but families will always prefer someone who can entice them with food.

Nannies, on the other hand, may have additional childcare qualifications like good communication and decision-making abilities, interpersonal skills as well as weaning and nap training.

Other jobs would allow the domestic couple to gain their efficacy of following instructions, cooking and serving skills, driving skills, landscaping and gardening skills.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring Domestic Couples?

Hiring a domestic couple could save families time from searching for two different applications. The best thing about this type of employment is the teamwork that won’t be easily found from two people who just met or a solo candidate. Together, they can run a fully staffed household or they could even perform excellent services that multiple staff could usually give.

Since they are familiar with each other’s work, the family will be able to observe unity and a diverse range of skills and adaptability. Since domestic couples are also professionals, they will not allow any personal matters to affect their jobs. They might have disagreements from time to time, but expect that it will be resolved immediately.

Things To Consider

First off is to find what type of job you would like your domestic couple to do for you. In the above mentioned jobs, domestic couples could do combinations and apply as Housekeeper and Gardener, Housekeeper and Cook, Nanny and Housekeeper or Nanny and Driver — and families can mix and match their responsibilities depending on the needs. But it is crucial to be clear on what domestic couples will do to avoid confusion.

Secondly, make sure you have the budget for them. Hiring domestic couples can be considered a good but costly investment. However, taking notes of all their responsibilities, this could be a very practical move for a family. Every household must also consider providing decent accommodation to domestic couples in case they want to employ someone in a full-time live-in position.

Lastly, there will be thousands of applicants for the domestic couple roles and families may have a difficult time looking into each one of them, hoping to get the right fit. Hence, finding the perfect domestic couple can have families thinking of a complex process. This is not at all true. The best thing to consider is getting a domestic couple through a reliable agency that will offer a thorough screening process. This way, families will don’t have to worry about security or unpleasant candidates that might mislead them into getting employed.

Little Ones UK, for example, is established childcare and domestic staff provider which aims to assist families who would like these services. This company has been successfully running for more than 15 years through the help of experienced and professional recruitment consultants comprising the team. Little Ones UK has an outstanding reputation for being able to commit to hiring the best domestic couples from all over the country and this is because of the strict vetting and hiring process of Little Ones as the consultants take the interview with the candidates and the previous employment checking seriously.

Little Ones is a home of satisfied families who found their favourite domestic helpers in just a given period of time. With the company’s excellence and commitment, the team pride themselves on being able to delicately align a premium, luxury service to those who put their trust in them. If you’d like to talk to one of our expert consultants about your specific preferences, please call on 0207183 0309 or send an email to

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