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January 22nd, 2021

Why do people hire domestic couples? Top benefits

A big house calls for a big help. That's why in order to keep everything well organised, additional hands are needed. But contrary to what many of us think, a big house is not the only one that needs that kind of assistance.

As much as we believe that the size of a house or the internal household factors are the only things that determine the kind or number of help we need at home, the truth is that much of deciding to hire a domestic help is affected by external factors. Things such as the cosmopolitan lifestyle, the home owner's professional life, and the other businesses of people living in the house are key indicators in finding that much-needed helping hand or, shall we say, hands.

Having domestic couples not only relieve families from home stresses, they also work great with their household dynamic.

In the field of domestic help, the concept of a domestic couple is not so usual. The upside on this is that they come with added advantages on top of what comes from regular private staff. Domestic couples are two people that are employed by one household that come in one hiring process. They can be a real couple (married or not), close friends, people from the same family or relatives. Basically, they are the best option for families or individuals who are looking for domestic workers that can work together merrily with each other and, most especially, in rapport with their host.

The duties and responsibilities of a domestic couple vary depending on the family's needs. In general, they can help their clients when it comes to childcare, cleaning, cooking, maintaining rooms and the garden, and other daily home affairs. They work hand in hand, and families can expect their domestic help to be amazing in the work they do. As the saying goes, "two is better than one."

Domestic couples have spent and worked many years together, forming a harmonious bond that keeps both of them going. The couple will be some sort of complementary to each other especially when they have different skills combined. They will make sure that the household is running smoothly on a daily basis. Their tasks involve childcare and general housekeeping chores depending on what help the family requires. Hiring a domestic couple will take off loads of housework and they might appear handy when it comes to emergencies.

If you need help convincing. We've listed up the benefits of having a domestic couple at your home. From their skill set to them being dependable at-home partners, here are some of the reason why people are hiring domestic couples:

They have a wide range of skills

Not only are they skilful, they are also diverse. Domestic couples are the very definition of "dynamic duo." One can be great in housekeeping while the other has a strong command in the kitchen. They play with each other's strengths and weaknesses, which ensures every task is accomplished.

They could be experienced when it comes to childcare services and keeping a beautiful garden or property well-maintained. Domestic couples can also do laundry and ironing and ensure every house maintenance is well-attended. They diligently put their skills and best efforts that often have outstanding results. They are highly dependable and can adjust and be flexible to what the family needs without compromising the quality of their service.

They are time-savers

One of the best things about domestic couples is that they're very time-efficient. With both of them working side-by-side, more housework can be done in a short amount of time. They can work on a task together or handle each separately. Because they are already familiar with each other, they can easily plot on how to work on the things you need assistance, bringing the best possible result.

They have an amazing attention to detail

What makes them a cut among the rest is their attention to detail. With two pairs of eyes and hands working, they are not only accomplishing their daily tasks but make sure everything is up to standards.

Domestic couples are dedicated to their jobs. They work exceptionally well, leaving no stones unturned, or in our case, making no room for mistakes. From the most simple housework to more challenging errands, they are proven to be great problem solvers that aim to satisfy the needs of the client.

They are highly professional

We know what you're thinking. If they are personally related, chances are personal matters or problems may interfere in the job. Well, they're not. Domestic couples, although they are connected, know the boundaries between work and personal life. Their experience working together gives them a high standard of professionalism and would never allow anything that may affect their work.

Disagreements and misunderstandings may arise in between them, but they won't let it get in the way of the work they need to finish. Their personal connection can be the key to their motivation for work and help them discuss some indifferences in the most discreet manner. Professional domestic couples always keep in mind that it is important to resolve things quickly to make sure things are taken care of efficiently and with accuracy.

They influence each other positively

As a lot of domestic staff are from different places, it is inevitable for them to feel lonely and homesick. With domestic couples, having someone they know with them at work eliminates those feelings and helps them be more productive while working under your roof.

This is advantageous for families who are in search of a long-time domestic staff at home. It lessens the need for replacements as they don't feel the urge to go home frequently.

They are a cost-efficient option

Their flexibility puts the amount you spent on them to a greater value. It is worth repeating that domestic couples have a broad range of skills that can cater to a wide variety of roles and tasks. This means they can handle jobs that usually require a number of domestic staff to fulfil.

Domestic couples also occupy a little living space compared to two or three separate domestics. The cost is somewhat less than hiring two or three unrelated workers in terms of their accommodations.

This would indicate that the combined salary and living cost would make them a very cost-efficient option and will save a lot of money for the clients.

They bring positivity to your home

At the core of every process or system is good communication, which is very present in a domestic couple set up. No more breaking the ice moments situations, domestic couples already know what they need to do and how they need to work things out the moment they enter your door.

Apart from little misunderstandings, the benefit of having domestic couples is that they have no issues when it comes to communicating. With that, they are able to do their work swiftly and happily, bringing positivity into your home. Domestic couples have a good relationship that invites a positive working atmosphere for their workplace, which creates a better environment at home. Plus, for the client's sake, it is much easier to manage two people that are familiar with each other, one at heart and mind, than multiple staff who may not work with each other well.

Where to get a domestic couple

With 15 years of experience, Little Ones is among the United Kingdom's esteemed private household agencies specialising in giving families and clients top-notch services they deserve. Equipped with the proper expertise in outsourcing domestic staff, we can ensure to provide the most suitable candidates for your specific needs. Our top of the line services offers a one-to-one basis with the clients and candidates, which enables us to find the precise domestic couple that will match your requirements, needs, and values.

The domestic couples provided by Little Ones private staffing agency are of the highest standard and this is what makes Little Ones the most sought after agency in Europe. We take pride in our ability to find candidates who complement the families' needs as well as match their values, traditions and personalities which are key points to a successful private staff placement.

Finding the perfect people to help you with everything you need can be a daunting task. But with the right private staffing agency, like Littles Ones, we assure to guide you along the way and make the process of selecting your private staff as pain-free as possible. With the assistance of our consultants, employing one can be done with minimal stress and disruption. They can assure you that the pool of candidates you're going to choose from went through thorough vetting procedures, background checks, and have the appropriate training, knowledge, and experience.

Different needs call for different sets of hands. As a bespoke private staffing agency, we are able to find and recruit various professionals for numerous kinds of tasks you need to be handled. We can help you find Butlers or House Managers, Housekeepers, Chauffeurs, Tutors, Handyman, Executive Assistants, Nannies, Nanny-Housekeepers, Maternity Nurses, Personal Assistants, and Cooks/Chefs, among others.

For a no obligation consultation regarding your domestic couple options, or to view a comprehensive list of staff we have, please contact Little Ones Nanny Agency on 0207 183 0309 or email us at

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