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Maternity Nurse in Parsons Green

How to find a Maternity Nurse in Parsons Green

Parents’ lives will inevitably change with the birth of a new baby. To help guide them through this new experience, a Maternity Nurse is a solution that more and more parents consider nowadays.

Maternity Nurses have extensive expertise to give to parents. They can help with feeding (whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding), bathing, changing and settling the baby, doing the baby’s laundry, and tidying the nursery. They will listen to their requirements and provide them with a bespoke service to support them and their newborn, getting them both settled into their new life.

Maternity Nurses encourage parents’ involvement and confidence in handling their new baby and promote a positive relationship between other siblings and the new addition. But what are the responsibilities of an experienced Maternity Nurse?

What responsibilities does a Parsons Green-based Maternity Nurse have?

Maternity Nurses help parents transition smoothly to their life with a new baby, whether they are first-time parents or not. They offer support through the different development stages of the baby, educate the parents, and provide them with the confidence they need to care for their newborn.

They understand the impact that a newborn can have on a family and will be able to help you navigate the changes that come with your little one. The duties will differ slightly if you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

The baby’s care and development will be the Nurse’s top priority. If they believe there are any concerns regarding the baby, or if the baby becomes ill, the Maternity Nurses will inform the parents and doctor immediately.

The duties of a Maternity Nurse include but are not limited to:

  • Providing advice and overseeing feeding time with the parents
  • Bathing, changing and settling the baby
  • Organising the baby’s laundry, nursery, and equipment
  • Setting a routine for the baby and mother for feeding and sleeping
  • Monitoring the baby’s weight gain, growth and development
  • Providing emotional support to the parents
  • Supporting the parents with feeling confident handling and bathing the baby
  • If the mother is bottle feeding, the Maternity Nurse will be responsible for preparing the bottles, and ensuring the bottles and other feeding equipment are clean and sterilised during the day and night
  • If the mother is breastfeeding, the Maternity Nurse should observe the mother when she is feeding the baby, and be able to offer advice where necessary. After feeding, the nurse should take the baby and resettle it, be it day or night, depending on the mother’s preference
  • Providing support to distressed parents and care for mothers going through postpartum depression

How can a Maternity Nurse support you in Parsons Green?

The postpartum period should be a joyful time as one enters the life of parenthood. But this is also a time of adjustment and healing for mothers. This period can be overwhelming for a lot of mothers. However, a local Maternity Nurse in Parsons Green can provide care and support during this time.

Maternity Nurses can help you have a more positive experience with your newborn during your first few weeks. The assistance that Maternity Nurses can offer will help you achieve peace of mind at times when you most need it.

The postnatal period is a special time to rest, heal and bond with your baby. You should enjoy it by receiving the best postnatal care that you deserve. Make sure to avoid stress and prioritise your and your baby's health during this critical time. If complications happen, do not panic. Maternity Nurses can help you seek professional medical help immediately.

A Parsons Green-based Maternity Nurse will listen to your requirements and provide a bespoke service to support you and your newborn, getting you both settled into your new life.

What does the process of hiring a Maternity Nurse in Parsons Green entail?

Specialist Maternity Nurse agencies based in Parsons Green can help you find the right person for you and your needs in record time. An established agency such as Little Ones will support you from the very beginning and even after your Maternity Nurse has settled into your home.

Our dedicated Consultants on the Maternity Nurse desk will remove the stress of finding staff off your shoulders so you can focus on getting ready for your baby. They will handle the search, interview, vetting, documentation checks, and contracts.

The Consultants will conduct in-depth interviews with potential suitable candidates face-to-face or via video call. During the interview, they check their skills, previous experience and documentation. Then, they perform at least two verbal reference checks and request an enhanced DBS Check (Police Check), and Paediatric First Aid certificate, as well as any other related certifications.

As a bilingual agency, cater to any language requirements you may have. We have bilingual Maternity Nurses or night Nurses who speak French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin and more.They are available to work in the Parsons Green area and all over the UK.

Would you like to talk to one of our expert Parsons Green Maternity Nurse consultants? You can call us on 0207 183 0309 or email us at

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