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November 12th, 2021

Top 10 benefits of having live-in help at home

Some families will be wondering which the best option is between a live-out or live-in nanny, nanny-housekeeper or housekeeper. It might seem an easy decision, but making the right choice will depend on what the family is looking for. Every family will have different needs, a different number of family members, both parents could be working full-time or there might be young children in the family for example; these differences will make the family choose between live-in or live-out help.

Most families who go for a live-in help option are those ones who have an extremely busy agenda, where both parents work full-time; some of these families, if they need a live-in nanny, request that the nanny help in the morning getting the children ready for school, or if search for a live-in housekeeper, because they live in the country side where transport is not easy and need a person who will help keep their home tidy Monday to Friday.

Which are the Top 10 Benefits of having live-in help at home?

  • Spare time to share with your loved ones.
  • Many families enjoy having spare time thanks to a live-in helper. The main reason that people look for a live-in nanny, nanny-housekeeper or housekeeper is the lack of time. Also, instead of spending time doing the laundry and ironing, or the general cleaning that you have been holding back for weeks, having a housekeeper that will do this for you will give you that time to spend with your loved ones.

  • A nanny, nanny-housekeeper or housekeeper with a flexible schedule
  • Emergencies or last-minute plans can happen at any time; it’s here when having a live-in helper really comes in handy. Having someone at home who is happy to help with any last-minute plans will give you one less thing to worry about in your day. For example, if you hire a Live-in Nanny or Live-in Nanny-Housekeeper and you are running late that day, you will have backup to be with your children while you are trying to get home. Moreover, the nanny, housekeeper or nanny-housekeeper lives with the family, so they are never late and there will never be any “I can’t come today” scenarios, which usually leads to disappointment and ruined schedules.

  • Affordable Assistance
  • Another reason that families decide to hire a live-in helper instead of a live-out helper is that their salaries are more affordable. The reason that a live-in nanny, nanny-housekeeper or housekeeper will be cheaper than a live-out one is that normal expenses, like rent, commuting and food won’t be on the domestic staff’s list, so the wage families will need to pay for hiring private staff will be lower than if they hire help who doesn’t live with the family. Deciding to hire a live-in staff is not only a win for the family, but also a win for the staff, because they will save money.

  • Pet care for your dog or cat
  • Some families have as another member of the family a dog or cat, and important decisions, like when to go for holiday or if staying out for a night out will depend on if their pets have someone to care for them. Deciding to go for a live-in help will give you that extra help at home that you need with your pets when you are not at home. Families will search for nannies, nanny-housekeepers and housekeepers who are happy to take their dog for a walk during the day or give a bit of attention to their cat. If you are in the position where you’ve been travelling for some days or weeks, and you cannot take your pet with you, having someone at home that you and your pets know will make everyone free of stress. Having a pet-friendly live-in staff member will not only help you to keep your home clean and tidy, but will also help you to keep your pet safe and healthy.

  • Mailing and delivery
  • The world has changed in the last decade in the way that we shop for clothes, food or many other items. Now, we see ourselves spending some time every day going through online shopping, and buying things with just one click. However, with this comes the uncertainty of when the items will be delivered, sometimes with no specific day or hour. Having a live-in staff member at home who can receive our mail and shopping delivery could help to save time by not needing to go out to pick up the items, and avoiding the aggravation of missing the delivery if you aren’t at home. If you hire a part-time housekeeper, you can schedule the delivery for the time when she/he is working at your home.

  • Someone to help with your plumber, electrician or handyman appointment at home
  • Any person living in a flat or house will go through the experience where something has broken in the house, like the heating or boiling system, or a window is not closing properly, or you need to change your washing machine for a new one, or you have decided to go through remodelling your kitchen or living room. All these mean that you will have people coming into your home who wouldn’t normally be there, and maybe you’ve never met them before. It’s here when having live-in staff comes in handy, because if you have to work and you cannot ask for time off or you have a really important meeting that you cannot move, having someone at home that you trust and knows how you like everything will be more than helpful with this task, saving you time and stress.

  • A nanny, nanny-housekeeper or housekeeper committed to the family
  • There’s a huge advantage when families get a live-in helper. You will hire someone who is committed to the family for a long term. Getting a live-in helper will help you and your children to get used to someone and that means you’ll be capable of trusting them with your little ones as they attend to your children’s and home’s needs. When you keep changing nannies or housekeepers, there’s a chance that the children or you might not be at ease with every new person that will come along, longing for the one that they once cherished.

  • Live-in Private Staff can be your trusted partner in managing your home
  • Live-in Private staff can be your right hand when it comes to overall up-keep of your home. From formal home care to overall house maintenance, a live-in private staff is the best pick. They may serve as the head person in the house for all the necessary household management duties and ensures that everything is in tip-top order. They are well-versed and make sure the house is spotless and systematic, from keeping furniture and appliances in good condition to handling the house security system. Private staff are also in charge of the comfort and safety of the whole family.

  • Live-in Private Staff Can Offer Customizable Menu to you and your family
  • From meal planning and grocery shopping to cooking meals from scratch, a live-in private staff is your trusted help when it comes to food preparation and other dining needs of your family. They can whip up dishes, follow recipes, or even create their own based on the family’s preferences. Among the great advantages of having live-in private staff is that they oversee menu development and implementation, and even ensure that the inventory and purchasing of ingredients and materials are well taken care of for you or your children.

  • Private Staff can provide care to every member of your Family
  • Some live-in private staff can also be tasked to look after your family members. Some families with children could require them to perform various duties, like taking the children on outings and playdates, preparing meals for them, helping with homework, and assisting with the day-to-day routines. A family that is expecting a baby could learn from some private staff on how to properly care for them and gives them time to rest from all the baby work. Some clients who live with the elderly member of the family would require private staff to be their companion and provide support while they do different activities. While others would just need someone to help them in preparing for their job, events or house chores. However big or small your family is, private staff can be considered as extended family who would assist with the needs of every member.

How to find the best live-in help?

We truly believe that finding a live-in help is an important decision. It is not just because you will have to invest some money, but because you will open the door of one of your most important places to someone outside of the family. You are not only looking for someone who will clean your house for a few hours a day or to look after your children, you are looking for someone who will become part of your family, someone that you will trust to be at your home and help you with any problem that can come.

You can search for a nanny 1. By yourself, 2. Friend recommendation or 3. through an Agency.

It’s here where Little Ones comes into the scenario to help you; we are a nanny and domestic staff agency with over 15 years of experience. Our specialist consultants will do their best to match the perfect live-in private staff for you and your family. They will introduce you to nannies, nanny-housekeeper and housekeepers that will tick most of the requirements and qualifications that you need the person to have.

Call us for a free consultation, without compromise. Our consultant will be more than happy to assist you to find an amazing live-in help. For more information about our services, please feel free to contact our direct line 0207 183 0309.

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