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What is a Rota Nanny?

Raising children isn't a piece of cake and it takes a loving parent — one with skills and dedication — to teach, understand and guide your little ones as they grow older. Parents are naturally busy people due to the numbers of responsibilities they have in a day including putting food on their table. But they still find time to show physical affection and give the educational needs of their children. So they are taking care of pretty much everything around the house. Now, these parents may look strong and tough but they sure need a hand especially today, a hand to help them do half of their job efficiently and passionately.

This is a call for a Rota Nanny, a full time live in childcarer required to work 24/7 when on duty. A Rota Nanny follows a “rotation” system with at least one other rota nanny as they take turns every other week. So normally, a Rota Nanny will ideally have two weeks on and two weeks off.

Parents that need Rota Nannies are the ones who desire continuous caring for their children. This type of childcare is one of the most sought-after help by high profile or VIP families who have demanding jobs or those who are always on-call. So Rota Nannies are really special as they are not only there to work but to gain trust and respect of the family.

Why Choose Rota Nanny?

Childcarers who choose the Rota Nanny position are often comfortable with the arrangement. Even when they have a day-and-night schedule, the idea of two-weeks off work seems to be more pleasing. These nannies tend to have more time for themselves or time for their family or friends. They could travel, learn new things, or rest the entire break. The working schedule advantage makes the candidates compete for the position, hence, you’ll never run out of enthusiastic applicants for the job. Whilst on a break, the family could still call these nannies for emergency duty which would be beneficial for both parties.

What are a Rota Nanny’s Duties?

  • Full nursery duties like preparing milk, cleaning and sterilizing bottles, changing nappies, assisting with bath time and bedtime
  • Light chores related to the childlike cleaning and washing up after every meal and doing the child’s laundry
  • Preparing healthy food and supervising mealtime
  • Teaching with potty or toilet training and teaching general life skills like basic hygiene and manners
  • Arranging outdoor play and outings
  • Developing the child’s physical, social and mental skills by organising fun and educational activities
  • Basically meeting every child’s needs within your shift, showing love and affection for the child and making him/her feel comfortable and secured.

Rota Nanny’s job is similar to that of a typical full-time live-in nanny. However, when it comes to schedule and compensation, rota nanny position has far more advantage. We already tackled the rota nanny’s two-weeks on two-weeks off set up.

Regarding the compensation, this childcare job receives more salary and benefit than a usual full-time live-in nanny job. Essentially, the salary and other benefits that the Rota Nanny will get depends on the client or the family that the childcarer will be working for. According to Little Ones UK, the average salary that a Rota Nanny gets is around £3000 to £6000 plus the opportunity to take international trips with the family, of course, while on duty. Often, clients who employ Rota Nannies are well-off and high-profiled families so the candidates might be required to have more specific skills and further qualifications. They also tend to experience more travelling and the probability of working in a fully staffed household.

What are the Benefits of Having a Rota Nanny?

24/7 babysitting or childcare

The family’s everyday life is incredibly busy — from the morning routine to before bedtime chores, parents couldn’t have enough hours in a day. Aside from the daily dishwashing, laundry, meal preparation and childminding, parents will need a rota nanny to make sure that their children are not being left out, and that the children will feel that they are being well taken care of. Rota Nanny will assure the little ones that they have someone to lean on, someone to turn to and someone to accompany them especially whilst their parents are swamped.

The 24/7 childcare service that a rota nanny could provide will also give extra time for the parents to enjoy a quiet moment alone to relax and recharge from all the stress and problems they are facing constantly.


Parents may be handling different issues and they are also vulnerable to stress and anxiety. This could come from any factor like work, bills, childminding, school or nursery matters, physical and mental safety of the children and other minor issues. When handling a particular situation, the parents do all their best to tell their children these serious and complicated adult matters in a way that their children would understand. They need to assure them that everything is gonna be alright.

On the other hand, Rota Nannies are trained individuals that could help the children remain calm and composed whilst under pressure. These nannies will be the neutral person who could change the atmosphere when the household is filled with emotional tension. Above all, they would help the children feel soothed during discomfort.


While schools teach books and other educational stuff, Rota Nannies are like on-the-spot tutors who could help the children engaged in activities for further physical and mental skills development. Additionally, they would be happy to assist the children with their lessons in more fun and creative ways.


Since Rota Nannies focus their time and energy on the children, they spend more time entertaining them, allowing them to laugh and experience their childhood. Experienced rota nannies form clever ideas that would capture the interest of the children, cultivating their skills and enriching their imagination.

Special Moment

While the children are growing, it will most likely be that they will establish a beautiful bond with their nanny. The Rota Nanny is there to continuously look after the children and provide a loving environment for them so they would possibly become these children’s second parents. Without realizing it, their wonderful time together will remain in the children’s memories forever. That's why more often than not, nannies become special people in these little one’s development.

What Do You Need to Remember When Hiring a Rota Nanny?

If you want the best Rota Nannies, it’s important to have a checklist of your preferences. Do your research and consider the skills of your candidates. Check if your Rota Nanny knows and understands the language you speak so you could both be comfortable with one another. Some families prefer a candidate who speaks English fluently but they will highly consider if the nanny knows another language such as French, Spanish, German, Mandarin or Tagalog so they could help the children learn new languages as well.

You also need to determine how you will conduct the interview. Come up with the important questions and make time to carry a face-to-face interview with the candidates. It’s always better to see them in person rather than just read their profile in paper. It is also important to include the children in the interview and let them meet the nanny, watch how they will react upon seeing them and how they are together a few moments after they met. The body language of the children must be observed as they most certainly couldn’t express themselves yet.

And more specifically, most people recommend to consult with the experts and see about using a reliable agency like Little Ones UK to help you with all the process of hiring the best rota nanny possible.

How Can Little Ones Help You Find the Best Rota Nanny?

Little Ones UK, the country’s leading childcare and housekeeping provider for over 15 years, has been helping out families with their childminding complications. Our team in Little Ones consists of professional and dedicated consultants who are committed to finding the solution to your childcare needs, no matter what your requirements and qualifications are.

Little Ones specializes in childcare recruitment so you can be certain that the options we present to you have had a thorough background check, verified verbal references and skills and experiences that absolutely matches your needs. Our team promises a smooth and pleasant communication and we wouldn’t stop until we found the perfect candidate you’d be satisfied with. Even when you find the right one, our consultant will make sure they will always be available for your enquiries and concerns.

All of the Little Ones’ childcare candidates have been carefully selected so that only the most potential child carers will be presented. These candidates are brought to the office for a face-to-face interview wherein their experiences and qualifications are being discussed whilst their verbal references or previous employers are being checked by the consultants as well.

All of Little Ones Uk’s childcare candidates including the Rota Nannies have the following:

  • Enhanced DBS check
  • More than 2 years of experience
  • Any language requirements can be accommodated
  • Valid first aid qualification

With the Little Ones’ excellence and commitment, the team pride themselves on being able to delicately align a premium, luxury service to those who put their trust in them. Would you like to talk with one of our expert consultants? You can call us on 0207 183 0309 or send us an email to

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