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Temporary Childcare London

Choosing Little Ones for your Temporary Childcare

Our almost 15 years of providing premium services have allowed us to build lasting relationships in the nanny community and hone our skills at placing premium nannies as quickly as possible. We are able to source high-quality nannies who can offer temporary childcare services throughout London and the rest of the world, and it can even be done within a matter of hours. Whether you need childcare temporarily at short notice or you know you have something coming up that means you could do with an extra pair of hands, Little Ones temporary nannies are here to help. Your temporary childcare could be at your door in as little as two hours after you have spoken to a temporary childcare consultant.

Our temporary nannies may be permanent nannies who we place with temporary positions whilst they are looking for their next permanent position. All nannies undergo specialist vetting procedures and are carefully selected by Little Ones.

Our specialist consultants have spent a lot of time building the relationships they have with our temporary nannies, this is because we know that by having a positive and continuous relationship with each and every nanny we work with, we know our nannies will be there for you when you need childcare most.

Little Ones is proud to provide Maternity Nannies and night nannies as part of our temporary services, helping you and your little one to settle into a sleep routine, advise you on feeding methods and guide you through the process of becoming a parent. So whether you need a guiding hand through the first few weeks of becoming a parent, someone same day, someone to step in for a bit longer while you sort out our next childcare steps or someone to help you on holiday or even business trips, Little Ones has the temporary childcare for every situation.

We demand high standards from our nannies, in order to provide our clients with the premium service they require.

Temporary Childcare

Compliance is crucial

We understand that letting someone into your home to care for your children can be daunting enough as it is. Which is why over the last 15 years we have honed our vetting procedure down to a fine art. Little Ones has the most extensive vetting and interview process in the industry.

All of our temporary childcare providers are brought into the office for a face to face interview, where experience is discussed at great length, copies of documents are taken and references are obtained so that we are able to personally check them.

All of our temporary childcare providers are required to have two verbal references that our consultants are able to verify and all candidates must have a clear enhanced DBS certificate before we place them. If they do not have a DBS certificate, Little Ones is able to request one on their behalf.

You never know when an emergency is going to happen so knowing how to react in an emergency situation is essential to all our temporary nannies which is why they will all have an Ofsted compliant paediatric first aid certificate that is renewed regularly. Little Ones holds Ofsted compliant courses regularly to ensure their first aid certificate is never out of date.

Our vetting procedure includes:

  • Face to face interviews in our Central London offices
  • Personally checking two verbal references
  • A clear enhanced DBS check
  • An Ofsted compliant first aid qualification
  • Identity checks
Temporary Childcare

Premium service from start to finish

The minute you contact Little Ones requiring a temporary nanny the process will be premium and efficient. All our temporary nannies are employed by Little Ones, this means we take care of paying their tax, National Insurance and statutory holiday pay. Little Ones will take care of the finer details so you don’t have to. Our payroll team will take care of everything so you are able to focus on your little ones.

Depending on your requirements we will be able to have a fully vetted, compliant temporary Nanny within a matter of hours. Our temporary nannies are utter professionals who are either career nannies who have decided to do temporary placements while they work out their next permanent nanny position or nannies who work full time as a temporary nanny. Little Ones is passionate about providing professional and experienced Nannies, no matter what the requirements are, and temporary childcare is no different.

When you contact Little Ones, you know that we will take care of everything. Your consultant will be on hand at any point throughout your temporary childcare placement to answer any questions you might have. Little Ones is dedicated to ensuring your experience is as stressfree and seamless as possible.

If this sounds like what you’re after or would like to find out more about how our emergency childcare services could help you, our team of specialist consultants are available for a no strings attached discussion about what your options are. Call now to find out more about how Little Ones temporary nannies can help you and your little one.

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